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Tip: Change the default task mode for new project

This post in not about the default task mode in Project Professional. Here is a Guillarme’s tip about that. When you just start with scheduling in PWA Schedule web part, you will see that the tasks by default are created… Continue Reading →

Back to Basics: Renaming a project correctly in Project Server 2013

I am sure most Project Server users are well versed with the procedures for renaming a project in Project Server. However, this question (or related) comes up pretty regularly in the Project Server Forums, so hopefully this article will serve… Continue Reading →

Download: Project Online and Project Server 2013 Options – A Quick Infograph

A couple of weeks ago, I was presenting Project Online to a group of people, who are more from the SharePoint Community than Microsoft Project. Their knowledge of Project, Project Server was more as users than IT Professionals. Midway through… Continue Reading →

Handling Special Characters in OData Queries

Recently, a question came up in the Project Server User Forums, where the user was trying to use a value as a filter in an OData query. The challenge was that the value he was filtering for, had an ‘&’… Continue Reading →

Timesheet Status Report with OData in #ProjectOnline

Untitled In a recent MPUG Web-n-Learn, I demonstrated building a quick Timesheet Status Report using OData in Project Online.  The report itself is not too complicated to build, but it helps show another example as to how OData could be… Continue Reading →

Build an Audit Log for Project Server Changes with Nintex

If you are Project Server Admin, at one time or the other, I am sure you felt the need to have an audit tracking of all the changes being made to the configuration of Project Server. This includes changes to… Continue Reading →

Project Lite–Trial, My Experience and First Impressions

Alright Folks! By now, as all of you know that Project Lite first announced at Project Conference 2014 has been officially launched on May 1, 2014. Brian Smith already did a great post on this topic! Just wanted to throw… Continue Reading →

How to “plan” for AND “track” allocations/Actuals on Unplanned Work?

Recently, there was a question on the Project Server Forum (Click here) about being able to “plan” allocations on projects that do not need/have a detailed schedule. Think of work like Support work, Unplanned work and so on. The twist… Continue Reading →

Enable Version Control for your Project Schedule in Project 2013 and SharePoint 2013

Many times, project managers tend to create several ‘versions’ of project schedules, before deciding which version should be the final version. If you are using MS Project 2013 ‘sync’ with SharePoint 2013 (more details here) , there is neat little… Continue Reading →

Keep the names of your projects short!

This is a classic issue, and I am sure someone must have written about it already. Lets see if I can spin a little different perspective on it. The concept is simple: Keep the names of your projects short. I… Continue Reading →

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