As you can see from my previous post, I am currently obsessed with easier ways of navigation across the system in Project Server 2013/Project Online. So, here goes one more tip in that same vein.


I am surprised, as to how many people do not know that you can easily get to a Project Site (and its elements) directly from Project Pro, without having to go back to PWA , navigate to the Project Center, open the project, click on Project Site and then access the Document Library or whatever they need to access. All these links are directly available from Project Pro.


Option 1

Once you publish a project, you will see the links in the backstage area, like shown below. Click on any one of them, you will directly go to the Project Site.



Option 2

You can also add these icons to your ribbon (File >> Options >> Customize Ribbon >> All Commands). Add them to a group of their own, so that it is easy for the user. An example is shown below.



Clicking on any of these  will take you to the project site.


One interesting thing is that clicking on the Documents  icon, just takes you to the Project Site, not the actual document library. This is by design, and is covered by Brian Smith here.


So, hope this helps someone!