I am extremely pleased to announce Project Virtual Conference 2015,the first ever virtual, 24 hour event that is focused on using Microsoft Project, Project Server and Project Online. Click on the link above to see the details about the event.

Why this conference?

If you are one of the Project community, then you already know that there was no Microsoft Project Conference this year, due to the fact that it was merged within MS Ignite. While Microsoft Ignite was a great conference, we all felt that there was enough of a need to cover Microsoft Project as a its own conference. After all, there are 20 million people using this product and with Project Online, there are probably even more.
So, that lead to this idea of having a virtual free conference.

Who is organizing this conference?

This event is being organized by a few volunteers with a lot of support from Project MVP community. 

What is the conference is actually about?

Technology is great! We all love it! But, what use is it, if it does not enable your business process?
Which is why, this will be a conference that focuses  more on the ‘business’ value of the usage of MS Project, Project Online and Project Server.

Why should you attend this conference?

  • For starters, its free! You do not pay anything to be part of this conference.
  • It is a Virtual Conference, so you can attend this from wherever you choose to, without having to leave the comfy of your home or work or coffee shop!
  • It is a unique event in that it runs for a full 24 hours. So, you can attend any sessions that happen during the time convenient to you. In addition all session recordings will be available on-demand for later viewing (subject to presenter’s authorization).
  • No dilution of content! This conference is completely focused on MS Project, Project Server and Project Online, with a lot of support from the Microsoft Project Community. So you get pure, unadulterated content about using the technology for your business problems.
The Call for Speakers will be announced soon. Please follow the event site to stay updated: Project Virtual Conference 2015,