Well, it is already the third week of the month, in the new year. By now, I guess everybody is back from their holidays, vacations etc., and back in their daily routine.

Nevertheless, it is never too late to wish something good, so here I go. A very Happy 2016 to all of you!

I wanted to quickly take a minute to recap 2015 as far as my activities go, and what I am planning for 2016. Yeah, I know.. not the most interesting post 🙂

What happened in 2015?

2015 was a GREAT year in many aspects!

The Good:

  • In fall of 2015, We were able to pull off the first ever Project Virtual Conference 2015. As I mentioned earlier, what started out as a small idea, turned into something HUGE!!! If you still have not had a chance to watch all the great content, please make sure you register here and watch all the videos.
  • I also was able to contribute to many speaking events through the year, which I am always excited to do and also grateful for the opportunities.
  • I got renewed as Project MVP for 2015-2016, which I am always humbled to be part of, among many other great minds!
  • I was able to attend the MVP Summit 2015. I cannot talk about much, but suffice to say that it gave me the much needed re-invigoration and revived my enthusiasm for the MS Project/Project Server platform.

The not so good:

  • The MS Project Podcast has not had a lot of activity in 2015, due to several reasons, one of which is organizing a mega conference, which took away all the time.
  • My blog also suffered with lack of posts because of the same reasons as above.

What will happen in 2016?

And 2016 will be even better, and here is why!

  • With the huge positive response we received for the 2015 Project Virtual Conference, we have decided to make it an yearly event, mainly during Fall time. Stay tuned for the announcement for the Project Virtual Conference 2016 event, which we will release in the upcoming months. We will be taking all the lessons learnt organizing the 2015 event, and work on providing an enhanced experience for all the users this time.
  • In addition to the Project Virtual Conference, we are also planning on additional event(s) this Summer, so again, please stay tuned for any announcements. The announcements will happen on this blog, and on social media, so you cannot miss them.
  • MS Project Podcast is still alive and kicking. I have several episodes that have been recorded, but need to be produced and released. As a first step, the website for MS Project Podcast has been completely revamped. Check it out when you get a chance!
  • I am also planning to move this blog to WordPress platform (currently on blogger), to gain a better user experience for all of the readers and myself. I am also try to get some better analytics for my blog.
  • And finally, there are a LOT of other ideas I am working on, which I hope can execute them this year, so please keep visiting my blog, for any latest announcements. As always, any feedback is welcome.

With that, I hope you all have written down your goals for 2016, and achieve every single one of them.