If you are using Nintex for your Project Server Gate Approvals (or any other SharePoint Workflows), it is very likely that you are using Lazy Approval feature, which allows users to respond to the approval request by replying to an email.

However, sometimes the original email gets deleted by accident, or never reaches the approver due to unrelated issues etc., and in those cases it would be nice to be able to re-send the approval email on demand to the same approver.

Unfortunately, in the current product version for Nintex, there is no way to do that. If the email has issues, then the only option is for the approver to actually log into the system and go to the workflow approvals and approve it from there.

Note: What follows below, is my self discovered workaround for this scenario. I have tested this for a few cases, and it works, so test this thoroughly in your systems before you use it.

Basically, the work around is simple.

  • Either you or whoever has the Admin permissions on your Site Collection log into the system and click on the Approval Task for the approver in question.


  • On the pop-up, click the “Delegate” option as shown below.


  • At this point all you have to do is, select the SAME approver as the delegate,


  • Funny enough, it will resend the approval email. And the approver can just respond to that email with his response.